Want to Earn up to $100 per Post? Write for IncomeVoice.com

Thank you for your interest in writing for IncomeVoice.com.

We’re looking for anyone with their unique make money online methods and case studies.

If you have a website that’s making money, you can share your case study or a method and make up to $100.

We especially like detailed stories with income numbers, google analytics screenshots, and step-by-step action to replicate your success.

We accept:

Detailed How To Methods
Example: https://www.incomevoice.com/make-73-13-day-clickbank-free-mobile-apps/

Detailed Case Studies
Example: https://www.incomevoice.com/case-study-make-27052-76month-review-blog-promoting-jvzoo-products/

In what niches?



Read the guidelines below and send us your story, and if we publish it you’ll be paid anywhere from $50 to $100 via PayPal.

Here Are Some Broad Guidelines to Keep in Mind:

– Aim for no less than 1000-1500 words.

– Articles should be original (unique) and unpublished elsewhere.

– Write in a “bloggy”, friendly, style. You want to make the reader feel like you’re talking to them face to face. Forget about magazine style writing – write the way you speak with your friends.
– Methods and Case studies MUST BE an actual real life examples. If it is something you haven’t personally experienced, do not send us.

– Please see our examples to make sure to get the same incomevoice feel and look.

– No paragraph more than 2-3 sentence long.

– Submit articles in “WORDPRESS Text” format. Meaning, that we could add the post into the WordPress (text) editor and publish it without editing.

Do I Get Paid?

Yes, of course!

And just how much you get paid depends on a few factors, such as the quality of your post and how useful it is. Generally, we pay between $50 to $100 per post.

We do let you know who much we can pay you before we publish your post.

When Do I Get Paid?

We will send your payment via PayPal as soon as your post goes live.

Will You Edit My Submission?

Yes, we’ll edit every submission to ensure it fits the style and tone of IncomeVoice while at the same time we make sure to preserve your unique voice.

What about a Headline/title?

Yes, we encourage you to add an attention-grabbing headline.

Please see our premium posts to get a better feel of what the headline should sound like.

However, we may also edit the headline or change it altogether for proper SEO and style.

How Do I Submit My Post?

Please include an HTML (WordPress) version of your post in a simple text file and contact us through mail: teamincomevoice@gmail.com.

Important: Make sure that your post meets all of the above criteria, otherwise it will be rejected.

Incomevoice team.

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