How To Make Money With Adsense in 2018?

We had a long chat whether to publish this premium post to the masses or not.
We have even considered raising the price for this one, because it’s so unique and powerful.
And I’m not kidding.
It’s all marketers dream so to speak.
– completely free traffic
– no content creation required
– set and forget
– almost instant traffic
– works on complete autopilot
– works in some of the most competitive niches.
– you can set as many adsense income streams as you want
– newbie friendly (after following this premium post you will have your adsense income stream setup today)
It’s already making a plenty of money, but there are lots and lots of room for everyone.
Here’s what happens every time we set up a new income stream:
The traffic starts to flow from various sources.
That’s in the tattoo (high paying) niche.
And it’s not a one time traffic, it increases every day, so as adsense income.
Ok, let’s setup one for yourself…

Due to huge demand, this premium post is now available for “Full Access” members only. If you would like to become a Full Access member, simply click the link below:

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superaffiliateJOHN · at

Finally something new and unique for AdSense. Killer post!

Ahmed · at

thank you for your email. purchased. very great method.

    Islam · at

    Please, let me know how can I contact you in order to know more about your feedback


Peter (incomegiants) · at

I will check it out, thank you

Casper · at

AdSense is great, but will this work for Clickbank?

Peter (incomegiants) · at

another gem from incomevoice, thanks a ton raimundas.

Trisha-London-UK · at

I’m a full access member. I want to thank you for sending these posts for me. I find them useful.

    Raimundas M · at

    you are welcome, Trisha.

Zahirul Hoque · at

Hi bro,
i am a great fan of your technique. before purchase just one question –
is this technique available on your AffManual 1.0 or 2.0?
also how many Full Access members’ techniques are in AffManual 1.0 or 2.0?
Sorry for my English though i am not a native.

    Raimundas M · at

    hey Zahirul,
    good to hear from you.

    This method is not from the AffManual.

    We have 6 methods from the AffManual (1.0 and 2.0), but other (12 methods) are completely new.

    So far we get almost 0 refunds for the full package, so people are enjoying the content.

laurent · at

what is the name of your wordpress theme?

    Andrew James · at

    hey Laurent,

    good question.

    draft portfolio

    it’s free. Just type that in the themes search.


alfredo007 · at

Free traffic, so this is SEO?

    Andrew James · at

    hey alfredo007,

    No, it’s not Google or BIng traffic.


Richard · at

How do you configure the Real-Time Find and Replace plugin? What is the purpose of this plugin?

    Raimundas M · at

    This plugin changes the text in your posts in real time.
    For example, you can replace their url with yours.


Khiet · at

How long does Google picks up the site ?

    Andrew James · at

    hello Khiet,

    usually within a couple of days.

Azad · at

How much money we can earn from one single website with Adsense ?

    Andrew James · at

    Depends on the niche.

    some of our sites generates $2/day, some $10/day, some up to $50/day.

    When we find a winner – we scale up and earnings goes up.

NB · at

If followed exactly, any possibility of us getting banned with this method?

Do think there will be a Google patch on this in the near future?

Just wanted to make sure before I purchase. Thanks! 🙂

    Andrew James · at

    hello NB,

    It’s a whitehat method.

    Meaning, you don’t do anything illegal.

    There are thousands of these websites out there making money.

    Real people visit your website and click on your ads.

Ramin Faizy · at

Hello sir i build this system but zero clicks on adsense dont know why

    Raimundas M · at

    Be patient.

    These are real people, you can’t force them to click on your ads.

    Wait for your traffic to increase and you will eventually start getting clicks.

    If you are already getting traffic – that’s a good start.

    From our experience 1-3% of traffic click on our ads (which is a safe percentage).

Faris Arata · at

Hi, I’ve just read the method
and i want to ask “What Hosting sites do you prefer ?”
I’m using shared hosting and i think it will be using a lot of cpu resource.
So, what do you think ?

    Andrew James · at

    We use GoDaddy shared hosting.
    We do get a ton of traffic using this method, but so far our shared hosting does a great job handling it.

    Shared hosting will be enough for a start, unless you start getting over 10k uniques/day.

Gerhard Pious · at

Good Day

Just a quick question. I am struggling to get adsense approved. Is there perhaps a alternative ad network that i can use for this method like Chitika, or , or would you be able to give me pointers on how to get adsense approved ?


Andrew James · at

hey Gerhard, is a good alternative to AdSense, but we still recommend getting approved by AdSense. They pay the highest.

Check out this post:

Maybe this will give you some ideas.

We have our AdSense accounts approved years ago, so I don’t really know what works today…

abdul · at

I like this very much. I have tried and got traffic, but clicks are low on AdSense, what to do?

    Raimundas M · at

    that’s a good news.
    How much are you making right now?
    And when did you started?
    With time your traffic will increase, as well as your profits. Give it some time.

Peter · at

How true is this? Does it really work? How will get good traffic without SEO?

    Andrew James · at

    It’s true. And it’s rather easy. And the traffic is high quality and consistent.

Russ · at

Curious to know if this will work for a news aggregate site that already has AdSense on it?

    Raimundas M · at

    hey Russ,
    this strategy requires to create a separate blog.
    So it won’t work for an existing blog..

hamid · at

Here I made the purchase :
what is the next step

Luciola · at

I bought the premium access to the site, but I can not access some of the articles that are premiums.
Can you help me,please?


    Raimundas M · at

    hey Luciola,
    I have sent you an email with the link.
    Please check your hotmail email (and also a spam folder).


blogger · at

Good method > thanks

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