32 thoughts on “How to Make $79-$97/day with Clickbank and Youtube (Without Creating any Videos)?

  1. Awesome method. Haha. Very clever indeed! Thanks for sharing it.
    I got my first few videos uploaded today and I see they are already getting views.

    I have a question: can this be outsourced?
    Btw, you should be charging at least $7 for that 😉

    1. Hey Mark,

      Of course.

      As you can see the steps are very simple, so your outsources shouldn’t have any problems following them.

      We had great experience with ODesk.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Another brilliant post man. Thanks for that.

    Also, that trimming ‘trick’ for uploading more than one video on the same account is just priceless!

  3. I can confirm that this method works. I was using a similar method for over two years now.
    probably the easiest money I make right now (among other ongoing projects).
    Also, for better rankings I recommend getting some backlinks. Helps a lot.

  4. This is wonderful! And something I can have my oldest daughter do….she’s in school, but is very, very computer literate. If she can make money and not have to spend so much time working along with going to school, that’d be ideal. And those amounts do add up over time. Wonderful. 🙂 Love everything I’ve seen on here today.

  5. Unlocked this post on May 2nd.
    On May 3rd – uploaded 5 videos.
    On May 5th – made my first $27 online!


    1. Awesome! Good to see that someone took massive action.
      Please update us on your results, if you are willing to share more.

      Congrats again,

    1. We personally made our first sale the first week.
      One of our members made his first sale the second day he uploaded his video.

      If you have followed the instructions you should be seeing clicks on your affiliate link and soon sales.


  6. Awesome method.
    I’m using it with JVZoo. I found JVZoo products converting better for me. And there are tons of products to promote.

  7. How much money can you make with this per sale (in one time)?

    And another questions: will this work if I am from Germany, Europe?


    1. Hey Ulli,

      1. You can make anywhere from $7 to $480 per sale. Depending on the product you promote.

      If you promote a coaching program for $997 and you earn 50% of that, then ~$480 goes to your pocket.

      2. Yes. The method will work in any country.


    1. Yes. Most methods do work with JVZoo.

      Clickbank is just one of many affiliate networks you can use to monetize the traffic that we cover in our premium posts.


  8. Abadnego,
    you need to send a request first.
    you will find a blue button that says “REQUEST”.
    this is how you request your affiliate link.
    when your request is approved, you will get your affiliate link.
    this is where you drive your traffic.

  9. This method probably relies on getting youtube views that has been very difficult for me. Does the method show how to get quality traffic to your youtub videos It’s depressing getting 0 views and sales for months.

  10. Hi Andrew

    I bought your full access last year and i found it is really awesome. Can i promote your full access premium methods as well?


  11. Hi Andrew James,
    I just wonder that nowaday youtube consider very closely before they allow us to public video. if everybody can download videos that you recommend, so a lot of people public the same video, can youtube allow to public???
    Pls reply me soon.
    I am finding a good way to make money online with clickbank. Pls help me!

  12. Yes, there are many duplicate videos on youtube and they do still rank and youtube doesn’t care.

    We never get our videos removed because of that. Unless they are reported by our competitors.


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