[Case Study] How to Make $27,052.76/month with a Review Blog (Promoting JVZoo Products Only)?

In this short case study we will take a look at a very successful JVZoo product review blog which makes on average $27K per month.
This blog is owned by a super affiliate Mike Thomas.
He focuses on promoting JVZoo products, which are mainly software and WordPress plugins for online business owners.
You will discover a complete breakdown on how he runs his blog and how he makes money.
It’s a very simple process that anyone (with the right mindset and persistence) can duplicate.

What is a product review blog?

It’s a blog dedicated for honest product reviews only.
In this case study we will analyze β€œMike From Maine” blog
( ).
According to the public Mike’s Income Updates that can be found here (, his review blog on average he generates ~$27K/month.
If you click through, you will actually see how much money the individual affiliate promotion has made.
This is a great way to discover what kind of products are in demand and sells best.

Daily interviews with the product creators

Basically, Mike interviews the owners of the products that he will promote as an affiliate.
And he does it DAILY.
He gets the product owner on Google Hangouts or a Skype and record a short 20-30 minute interview where he drills down deep into the story of the product creator and ask him or her all kind of questions.
You can check out all of his interview episodes here:
Then right below the interview video he list his bonuses for those who will purchase the affiliate product through his link:
Here’s the actual blog post:
Bonuses play a big role in this whole affiliate promotion structure.
Bonuses have been a conversion booster for a long time now.
You won’t see a super affiliate promoting an affiliate offer without bonuses.
Usually Mike includes high quality PLR products or exclusive bonuses that the product owner provides to him.

How do you find upcoming JVZoo products?

You can find upcoming JVZoo products by visiting
Muncheye also list product launches for Clickbank and Warrior Plus.

Letting know your tribe about the interview

When the interview is done, he’s letting his email subscribers know about it exactly one day before the product launch.
This warms up his list and get them excited about the upcoming launch.
If you are interested to learn the exact Mike’s model and see what he says in his emails, you can simply get on his email list through his blog and secretly spy on everything he does.

Building an email list is A MUST

Yes, to successfully run this kind of business model, you have to build an email list.
You need to have some kind of audience/following that you can send your product reviews on a daily basis.
We will talk about that later in this post.
But don’t worry, you don’t need a huge list to see money coming in.
This works extremely well even if you have a tiny list, since you are providing a tremendous value.

What happens on the launch date?

When the time come and the product is being launched, Mike posts another separate short video review on his blog and sends out an email to his list directing all of his email subscribers to this post:
See the whole post here:
He also publish the link to this video review on his personal Facebook profile:
So, his Facebook followers and email subscribers go to the review post first and then, if they are interested in the affiliate product he recommends, click through his affiliate link and buy the product.
As you see, he never links directly to the affiliate offers.
Neither from his Facebook profile or email messages.
These couple extra steps (review video + bonuses) increases conversions through the roof and direct linking would only hurt him.

How to get traffic?

As far as we know, Mike uses seven ways of getting traffic:
1. He builds his list through product launches.
Time to time, Mike launches his own products. And when he does, he builds a list of buyers. Which are the most valuable subscribers you can get.
2. He builds his list through bonuses on the thank you pages
This is a very clever strategy. Since Mike can send a ton of sales, he first makes sure that the product owner puts his “bonus squeeze page” on the thank you page.
Basically, when someone buys the product, he or she will be presented with Mike’s bonus that the buyer can only claim by entering his or her email address.
That way Mike can collect buyer emails from other people launches.
3. He builds his list through his review blog

Mike has a ton of opportunities for his visitors to get on his list. You can see opt-in pages all over his review blog.
4. Google search engine (SEO)
The more content he publishes on his review blog, the more traffic come from search engines.
When a certain product goes live, usually there is a huge interests from people who go to Google and type {product review} or {product bonuses}.
This is how they find Mike’s blog.
5. Youtube Traffic (SEO)
Mike hosts his videos on Youtube and it’s not a surprise that Youtube videos rank high on Google search engine.
So, this is another opportunity for him to get even more traffic to his affiliate link.
6. Facebook Traffic
Mike has build a nice following on his Facebook profile.
Most of them are interested in the internet business, so posting a link on his profile results an extra clicks to his reviews.
7. Posting links on Facebook groups.
You can also post links to your reviews on relevant Facebook groups.
Groups where people announce about their launches or buy solo ads.


Yes, it will take some time to architect the whole system, but ask yourself this, would $27k/month make a difference in your life?
Of course this won’t happen overnight.
Mike is a very hard working affiliate, but he is where he is now because of the determination, hard work and consistency he puts in every single day.
He started with 0, just like everyone of us.
It’s all about focus, consistency, determination and hard work.
Of course there are a lot of other moving parts like growing your email list (preferably buyers list).
But if he did (and there are many other similar review blogs out there), then YOU CAN do it as well.
We hope you enjoyed this case study.
If you have any questions, just let us know in the comments below.

28 thoughts on “[Case Study] How to Make $27,052.76/month with a Review Blog (Promoting JVZoo Products Only)?

  1. Wow! amazing post. Thank You!
    I wish I could have so much courage stepping up in front of the camera. Maybe someday!

  2. Great share. Had no idea about JVZoo. I need to check them out. I promote mostly Clickbank products.
    Thanks for the great case study!

    1. Yeah, JVZoo has a ton of great converting products. And they pay instant commissions to your PayPal when you sell some more stuff.

    1. Hey Mark,


      This strategy is more effective than just hammering promo after promo.

      People click more when they know that it will take them to the blog post or a video and convert higher because you are building relationships and good will while you are selling.

      Depending on the quality of your list, I think with 850 you could make at least $400 a month.

    1. Hey Kalyn,
      There needs to be new products released on a regular basis.

      In this particular market (plugins and software), there are countless of products released every day.

      I’m not sure what’s your niche, but you could be interviewing book owners for example. There are many new books released every single day.

      Hope this helps.

  3. That is a lot of money and lets be honest, we all know the results are NOT typical, but if you are going to put the work into the system, it will give back πŸ™‚

  4. I LOVE the idea of using bonuses to make them buy through your affiliate link. I never really looked at it that way. Thanks for the post.

  5. I have been on Mike’s list for a year now. Didn’t know he’s making so much money.

    It would take a while to duplicate.

    Can you recommend any methods for a newbie who wants to make $100/day with no list?


      1. Hi Andrew,
        You said both of post are free in the previous comment to “Stefan kelly”.But they are not FREE.I need it can you share again with me.

    1. hey Lowrence,

      If you are starting out, you may want to post your facebook profile URL when applying for an affiliate link or even try contacting with the vendor through Facebook.

      In other words, show that you are a real person and you have nothing to hide.

      A personal website of some kind would be a big plus.

      You will get accepted eventually. Some affiliates will approve you and set you on delayed commissions.

      Take advantage of that to make some sales and grow your sales count.


  6. killer post. this guy is making some serious money. I wonder how much time he spends a day on this, as this looks like a lot of work.

    1. Hi Money Master John,

      In general I don’t spend much per day. The only time I have big expenses are when I launch a product as we give out prize money. But as far as “daily” expenses are concerned, I spend about $30/day on things like hosting and my autoresponder.

  7. JVZoo is an eye opening to affiliates, if it wasn’t JVZoo i shouldn’t have been making any money online..

    You really exposed what jvzoo is all about..

    Thank You.

    1. Hey Ahmed,

      sure you can.

      However, JVZoo and WarriorPlus release new products daily.

      And in my opinion the are higher quality.

      So if you want a steady income, you want to review fresh and new products.

      JVzoo and WarriorPlus are excellent for this kind of business model.

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